An Indianapolis native, I graduated as a Radio/TV/Film Major from Vincennes University. My career began on Indianapolis’ number one rated radio station. I soon added a position in television with a local CBS affiliate. After a number of years working simultaneously in radio and television, my passion grew for radio and I began building a pretty successful career; which included national awards and industry recognition in various markets.

It was in St. Louis that I began perfecting my voiceover and commercial production. Client demand led me to launch my own company, Eric Mychaels Voiceover and Production.

After radio, I served as Principal Voiceover Talent with Bill Young Productions in Houston, TX where we serviced the concert touring industry. I had the pleasure of writing, producing and voicing commercials for mega concert tours featuring Beyonce, Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind and many more.

Working with clients and bringing a unique voice, or character to their projects is still my passion today.

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